Most people do not know ab lot about viruses except that they infect living cells and cause disease with the most widely known: common cold.
A virus consist of at least 2 and sometimes 3 parts:

  1. Genetic material (DNA and or RNA)
  2. A protein coating (to shelter the genetic material)).
  3. Envellope of lipids.

Antibiotics don't work against viruses; however there are vaccines and or antiviral drugs available.

These methods have been used to 'cure' / 'cleans' viruses:

Boost / aid the immune system:

  • Develop antibodies

  • Antiviral siRNAs1

  • Essential oils

Change the environment:

  • Temperature2 (higher is more uncomfortable for viruses)

  • Ph-level3 (lower is more uncomfortable for viruses)

  • Salinity4,5, Chlorine 6

  • Electric impulses7

Lets take a look when we humans get a 'fever'. This is when the body is working to fight a disease, symptoms:

  • high temperature

  • shivers

  • high bloodrate

  • higher ph.

Whats funny is that vetenarian's prescribe food with a lower ph to cure fevers. By the above argumentation it wont cure the fever but the 'virus' that is causing the body to respond.